From Pain To Purpose

The challenges faced in narcissistic and otherwise abusive relationships can serve as doorways to transformation. Before we can step through them, we have to stop choosing to participate in victim roles, and then be willing to see beyond the very convincing veil of victim consciousness altogether. 

On September 5th, I will be featured as an expert speaker on the Emotional Abuse Recovery & Resilience Summit, something I couldn’t even have imagined while giving all my power to my victim roles and stories. But even while I was in the most painful phases of my personal hell, part of me knew I’d help others through someday.

My talk will be about reclaiming personal power from codependency, the magnet that attracts and the glue that perpetuates abusive relationships. It will teach how to:

~stop people-pleasing

~feel your emotions instead of attempting to avoid them and self-medicating

~quiet your critical voice and turn the volume up on your inner advocate

~stop blaming others for your unhappiness and learn how to command it without needing anyone else to change

~stop wasting your energy trying to make others behave the way you want them to (and stop behaving the ways you can’t handle)

~stop enabling others and take responsibility for yourself

~set and enforce healthy boundaries

~say no so you can say yes to what you want

~assertively express yourself instead of expecting others to read your mind or holding in your feelings until you explode

~let go of guilt

~honor your own needs, feelings and opinions instead of making everyone else’s more important and resenting them for it

~stop overextending and depleting yourself and learn how to give from heart

~learn why you don’t actually help someone else when giving is coming from a place of depletion or obligation

~release people, situations and environments that feel unhealthy, in a way that doesn’t attract the same issues in different forms

I’m excited to share how to do this with those who check out this life-changing summit. It will be filled with great speakers and information!

Thank you to all who have been inquiring about the blog. I have removed most of the posts because I’ve needed to take this next phase of my healing journey without an audience. But I promise the blog blog will be back in time, albeit in different form: I’m turning it into a book! When the time is right, I’ll resume writing on the site to educate readers about narcissism, narcissistic abuse and recovery.

Here’s the link for the summit:

See you soon!

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