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Are you involved with a narcissist, and no matter how challenging, confounding and emotionally torturous the relationship is, you just can’t break free?  Or are you dating again after narcissistic abuse, and terrified you’ll end up in another toxic relationship?

If either of these situations rings true, my heart goes out to you so deeply! My name is Nancy Koenig, and I’m here for you. I remember exactly what it’s like to feel so broken and overwhelmed with painful emotions, you don’t think you’ll ever be okay again, let alone happy.

I promise you that healing is not only possible for you, it can happen much more quickly and easily than you think! I’m here to teach you the shortcuts I didn’t have when I went through my own journey through hell – one I’m very grateful for today! 

My website is currently under construction, but I have some resources to help you get started.

This November 11-13, I”ll be hosting a free 3-day training: Stop Dating Narcissists 5 Ways To Identify Narcissists and Take Back Your Power. Learn more by clicking the link to my event invite below, or by visiting the SDN page at

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Below, you’ll find a link to my most recent blog post, about the start of my own healing journey, which will offer hope and show you what’s possible for you! Part two of that story is coming soon.

Below that, you’ll find a link to my recent guest appearance on The Buttrfly Effect, where I was interviewed about codependency.

I was also a featured expert for the Emotional Abuse Recovery and Resiliency Summit. Details will be on my new site, so be sure to return in October.

I look forward to being part of your healing journey, and teaching you how to activate your relationship superpowers.


First Answered Prayer

Codependency, which includes habits like people pleasing, is the magnet that attracts partners with this personality type and the glue that binds us to unhealthy relationship patterns. Here’s the podcast:

The Buttrfly Effect: