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Next month, I will (finally!) be releasing the transformational novel that birthed my mission, the blog and the much bigger life that awaited. Thank you to those who have been with me all along, and welcome to all who are new to Love Without Traffic!

The book itself is fictional, but through a compelling story, provides insights, healing techniques and introductions to all the great teachers and practices that helped me through my own dark night of the soul. There’s nothing I love more than lighting the path for readers and clients who are going through their own versions of this.

The book touches upon many themes the masses are grappling with, such as emotional and narcissistic abuse, relationship challenges, loss, addiction, abrupt life changes, trauma and more. It offers healing techniques, hope and inspiration! 

If you are currently experiencing any of all of these challenges, you may also benefit from my blog. And I am hosting a Facebook challenge in April to help those who are experiencing narcissistic abuse, or want to learn more about this. 


Stop Dating Narcissists: 3 Ways To Reclaim Your Power. Learn more by clicking the link to my event invite below, or by visiting the SDN page at

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Below, you’ll find a link to my most recent blog posts, a two-part story about the start of my own healing and empowerment adventure. It can offer hope and show you what’s possible for you! 

Below that, you’ll find a link to my recent guest appearance on The Buttrfly Effect, where I was interviewed about codependency.

I look forward to being part of your healing journey, and teaching you how to reclaim your heart and soul from toxic relationships and trauma, and create the life you desire and deserve!


First Answered Prayer

Codependency, which includes habits like people pleasing, is the magnet that attracts partners with this personality type and the glue that binds us to unhealthy relationship patterns. Here’s the podcast:

The Buttrfly Effect: