“The Relationship Ride is a deeply resonant exploration of the intricacies of personal growth through the lens of Nancy Koenig’s former relationship and her navigation of its emotional undercurrents. With candid reflections, her book is an authentic guide for anyone seeking to heal through the transformative power of self-awareness and the courage to face one’s truths.”                             ~Michael Bernard Beckwith – Founder Agape International, Author


Has a relationship ever taken you on a ride so wild, your entire life wiped out along with your heart? Are you still trying to catch your breath after being stuck under a treacherous wave of emotional abuse, narcissistic abuse, or another type of all-consuming, toxic relationship? Learn more:


Vienna is finally ready to release Zak, the man of her dreams who she hasn’t seen in over a decade. But just as she starts to move on, the ghost of her love life past invites her to rewrite their ending. Learn more:


Greetings! I’m Nancy Koenig, author, adventurer, energy healer and tour guide to profound self-love! If you enjoy the feelings of freedom, flow, and happiness as much as I do, but aren’t yet sure how to experience them consistently (or at all), you’ve arrived at the exact right launch spot!

I teach my book and blog readers and life coaching/energy healing clients how to tap into their own innate abilities to rapidly and permanently heal from abuse, trauma, and more, physically and emotionally, and create the relationships and lives they deeply dream of! Painlessly. Easily. Joyfully.

People see me as the ultimate manifester and while I admit some of my stories are almost unbelievable (even for me), we ALL have the ability to create magic – even when our starting point feels so far from all we desire that we can’t even imagine feeling remotely better or experiencing anything but more pain.

I’ve been there! In ways just as painful and scary as my transformation has been magical. Trauma? Check! Abuse? Check! Natural disasters? Check! Losing everything I identified with including my home, career and even family for a while at the exact same time? Check!

Because I get what you might be growing through on such a deep and personal level, I can let you in something that shouldn’t be so secret. The lower you feel and the more your life seems to be falling apart with no hope of ever healing, the MORE MAGIC YOU CAN CREATE!

Wanna know how? Read the blog, check out the Work with Nancy and Current Offers pages, or simply reach out via the form below!