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Love Without Traffic takes us on a witty and insightful journey of the heart, mind and soul, and will inspire you to greater depths of understanding about our life experiences and the choices we make.”

~Michael Bernard Beckwith
Founder & Director Agape International
Author Life Visioning and Spiritual Liberation

Launching this June! 


What If Who You Are Today

Could See The One That Got Away?

Vienna is finally ready to release Zakary, the man of her dreams who she hasn’t seen in over a decade, and date Grant, the man who dreams of her. But just as she starts to move on, the ghost of her lovelife past arrives with an invitation to rewrite their ending. 

Conscious relationship insights and healing and empowerment techniques are shared as part of this love story. If you’re struggling with relationship issues, narcissistic abuse, body image challenges, grief, self esteem, substance abuse and more, you can benefit from as well as enjoy LWT!

For those struggling with narcissistic abuse, the book will help chip away at denial, identify and better understand the excruciatingly painful and difficult course you’re on and show you exactly how to begin recovering. 

Narcissistic abuse awareness saves lives, which is why I gave villain Dev the personality disorder. First, I had to get the life equivalent of my doctorate degree on the topic. This book has had me on some journey!

For more immediate guidance on how to navigate this very challenging road, or help transforming your relationships and life, visit the Work With Nancy and Stop Dating Narcissists pages.

Sending you all love without traffic.