“Love Without Traffic takes us on a witty and insightful journey of the heart, mind and soul, and will inspire you to greater depths of understanding about our life experiences and choices.” ~Michael Bernard Beckwith

What if who you are today could see the one that got away?

Vienna is finally ready to release Zak, the man of her dreams who she hasn’t seen in over a decade, and date Grant, the man who dreams of her. But just as she starts to move on, the ghost of her lovelife past arrives with an invitation to relive their time together and rewrite their ending.

While a page-turning love story, Love Without Traffic is also a personal development book in disguise, or as recently coined, a “sneaky self-help book.” Healing techniques and insights are woven into the story, which can help with an amalgamation of challenges including narcissistic abuse and other relationship issues, anxiety, substance abuse, people-pleasing and grief. The book also teaches mindfulness and meditation techniques, manifesting tricks, breathwork and more. If you’ve ever experienced a painful relationship or loss, Love Without Traffic will help you open your heart again, as it leads you on a life-enhancing adventure to profound self-love and freedom.  

The novel will now launch early 2024 due to a series of synchronicities that guided me to first publish the blog book! I’m excited to announce that the title for that book arrived today in a most unexpected way!

Blog Book Title