Breaking News Break

If your stress levels have been escalating by the day, you can support your mind and body by taking a news break. Ceasing to obsessively focus upon and share the latest news is one of the most important things you can do right now. 

The media is a (fear) carrier, and compulsively seeking out the latest headlines can trigger anxiety, even if you are unaware of the effects. Chronic stress and anxiety compromises your immune system, which will make you more vulnerable, should you actually encounter the virus. Must I do the math for you? Good. I’m a words woman.

Whether you’re watching the news on TV, reading online or soaking up the fear broadcast on your social media pages, you are choosing to take unnecessary hits on your nervous system. The more you do this, the more your nervous system will become accustomed to the state of high alert.

How Behaviors Become Compulsive And Addictive

Have you found yourself checking the news without even meaning to? Or already tried to cut back and found it difficult or impossible to do so? Once your nervous system has acclimated to anxiety, you will unconsciously seek out hits of fear-based stimulation. 

This is a simplified explanation for how behaviors can turn into compulsive ones, which in turn can develop into addictions. 

Don’t use an illusory need to stay informed of every single development as an excuse to feed your body the opposite of what it needs right now. You’ll hear what you actually need to. It will be impossible not to.

Sharing Spreads Fear

If you are going to ignore this suggestion, at least stop sharing the news, unless it directly impacts someone who needs to know it at that moment. The person you are about to text may already be self-medicating their own fear with a second bag of Double Stuf Oreos. They don’t need yours as well.

If you are choosing to circulate stressful news on social media, ask yourself why. If your answer is that you’re trying to educate people to stay at home, know that by jolting the nervous systems of those who see your post, you are playing your part in the spread, in a different way. Can you find another way to get your message across?

If not, you are playing hot potato with your fear. 
There are much better ways to contend with it. I’ll share the best I know this month.

It Works! 

A client shared with me today that although she was originally resistant to my suggestion, she took a new break for two days and her anxiety decreased significantly. So if you are feeling anxious or depressed, I highly recommend cutting back or taking a full break for a couple of days and see how you feel.  

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I wish you all health, peace and as much ease as possible. I’m here for you. Love, Nancy