Dolphins Love Self-Love

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but whether single or happily partnered, there are gifts no one else can give you but yourself – and maybe some dolphins. Self-care is one of the greatest. 

Since deciding to publish Love Without Traffic (the novel) this March, I fell into an uncharacteristic stretch of nose to the grindstone-ing. While that initially involved much excitement, it didn’t take long for me to crash from the lack of self-care.

Thankfully, I caught myself in the early stages of burnout, and went directly to the beach for sunset yoga.

Feeling more balanced within minutes, I noticed people taking photos by the shoreline. Hardly an uncommon site on the beach voted 2021’s best in the US (St. Pete Beach), I thought nothing of it until I realized they weren’t taking pre-sunset photos. They were filming something.

I watched the water for a few minutes before confirming my subject suspicion: dolphins! I’m a dolphin magnet, but it never gets less exciting to experience them. Dolphins are very high frequency beings, and the more open your heart is, the more you can feel the love they pour into you while interacting with them. 

Ecstatic to be doubly rewarded for my choice to gift myself self-care, I waded into the water to get a closer view. Then they came closer, to get a closer view of me – and the fish they were chasing. 

Eventually, they came so close, they were fishing right in the waves breaking along the shoreline! That, I’d never seen.

While filming one to my left, one jumped and dove right in front of me, soaking me with the splash! I’m sure I ended up in quite a few tourist videos.

It was an amazing experience and also a great message from the dolphin. It was my cue to put down my wet phone and and just experience the rest of the dolphin encounter.

It was truly one of the most magical ones I’ve been part of, including swimming with them in the wild several times. 

Not long after sunset, a young man jumped into the ocean, swimming aggressively in a manner the dolphins wanted no part of. They swam away.

Once the rest of us collected our jaws off the sand and regained our ability to speak, we bonded about the very special event we’d just witnessed and been part of.

I will post some of my pre-soakage footage later on the Love Without Traffic Instagram and Facebook pages.

Clear Your Traffic:

What type of self-care can you gift yourself this Valentine’s weekend?

What do you love to do?

Where do you love to go?

Even if Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, or you are happily partnered with great plans, do something just for you this weekend. 

I’d love to hear what it is! Maybe your plan will spark an idea for someone else. 

Book News:

I’m currently formatting the novel. I have no experience with this, but am having fun learning on a new program called Atticus. The new cover is also in the works, and I’m very excited about the early stages. 

If you’d like to read a few advance chapters, and/or join the launch team, reach out! I’ll be gifting some complimentary coaching for members. Reach out for details! 

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