Find a Way to Play!

When life feels very serious, it’s important to not only find ways to relax, but also to incorporate some fun into your life. Since many of us can’t do that in most of the ways we are accustomed to right now, it’s important to find new forms of adult play. Or perhaps reconnect with old ways, that we enjoyed as children.

I am playful by nature and have learned from children that it’s one of the best ways to remain in the present moment (a much better place to be than any of the worst case future scenarios our minds may try to lure us into). But even I didn’t know just how many other mental and physical benefits there are!

Adult play is important in any circumstances. It reduces stress, enhances connection with others, sparks creativity, keeps you feeling young and energized, increases emotional well-being, stimulates your brain, improves imagination, creativity and social skills and even improves physical health.

A friend and I rode bikes over a magic bridge today, and visited a playground, where we went on swings and climbed a jungle gym. It was so much fun! It also reconnected me with my inner child, who really needed a break from my adult mind. Doesn’t yours?

For those who are hunkered down, it’s even more important to find new ways to play each day, since this can alleviate cabin fever and boredom. What were some of your favorites from childhood?

If you live with family or friends, you can create scavenger hunts, play board games, and research group games, like hide and seek, online. I did a search for classic childhood games and found this list, which included ones I haven’t thought about, let alone played, in decades. Even just reading the list connected me with a sense of nostalgic fun!

If you are alone, you can initiate card and board games with friends via video chat platforms like zoom, which will provide a social outlet as well. Sure, you can play games online, but you might get even greater benefit from old school activities. Remember Lite Brite and the electronic memory game, Simon? You can research and order games, puzzles, coloring books, hula hoops, Legos, blocks and Play-doh online.

How can you incorporate play into your day today?