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Books, Blogs and Beginnings:

Nancy Koenig discovered her ability to manifest unlikely dreams and began her professional writing career 25 years ago, interviewing players and writing features, columns and blogs for the National Hockey League (

As the author of Love Without Traffic (launching this summer), Nancy is both the creator of – and the inspiration for – the book’s free-spirited and feisty-yet compassionate heroine, Vienna.

Nancy summarized her journey through narcissistic abuse in the book Letters to Ex Lovers, compiled by Alison Schmidt, and helped create 10 Habits of Truly Optimistic People (Contagious Optimism series). Her Love Without Traffic Blog has helped readers understand, break free and recover from narcissistic abuse, process grief and trauma, set boundaries, break the patterns that attract toxic relationships and more. 


Nancy was the very first guest on The Buttrfly Effect, bestselling author Gail Ferguson Jones’ podcast about codependency recovery. Codependency, which includes habits like people pleasing, is the magnet that attracts nacissists and other toxic partners and the glue that binds us to dysfunctional relationships. 

The Buttrfly Effect:

Nancy was a featured expert for the Emotional Abuse Recovery and Resiliency Summit.

Speaking: Nancy has spoken and hosted book signings and workshops at bookstores, spiritual centers, treatment centers, high schools and more. 


When Nancy isn’t hiking and snapping photos on Mt. Sinai, swimming with dolphins and surfing in Kona, or doing yoga and meditating in the Great Pyramid, you can find her guiding her life coaching clients through their own journey to profound self-love.

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Bio: Writing Path

Nancy was manifesting her dreams long before she’d heard of the law of attraction or vision boards. Prior to her 20+ year coaching and mentoring career, she created her dream career – at a time when it was still a rare one for women. Especially one without a background in journalism, experience as a writer or contacts in sports.

She manifested this dream career without applying for a job or even sending out resumes. The path found her, as our paths tend to do when we’re clear about what we want and we have cleared mental and emotional congestion and subconscious blocks (traffic!).

Nancy loved this exciting career which involved interviewing NHL players, writing features, blogging, attending games and events around the league and interacting with fans around the world. She left the NHL shortly after 9/11, when it became clear she was destined to impact lives in bigger ways. 

Bio: Coaching Path

Nancy helps people release mental, emotional and habitual congestion or “traffic” quickly – without even having to relive painful events from the past. Then they can create the relationships and lives they want.

She became iPEC-certified in 2007, when most people still asked what a life coach was. She has been specializing with love addiction, codependency and narcissistic abuse recovery since 2015 and has been an addiction specialist since 2001.

She has also guided clients as a sober coach, sober companion, crisis interventionist and treatment center escort. Her clients have ranged from high-profile to homeless, and she has supported women and men of various races, cultures, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages and backgrounds.

While working in the addiction recovery industry, she had a success rate high above the industry standard, in terms of helping clients create lasting sobriety. Nancy’s authenticity helps her build easy, natural rapport with clients, quickly building their trust in her, the coaching process and most importantly, themselves. 

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