Work With Nancy

Where’s your biggest inner traffic jam? 

What area of your life feels most stuck?

Pace crawling, cars honking, kinda congested?

Are you trapped in a pattern of dating narcissists or otherwise toxic partners? (One of my specialities – I can help you release that pattern quickly and forever! ) 

Stuck in a job that makes you dread your work week?

Or feeling the stressful congestion of the same financial, weight or people-pleasing issues you’ve been battling for years or even decades?

Traditional therapy, medicine and even the personal development field focus on managing symptoms and fixing, changing, improving ourselves – what all these have in common is a notion that there is something wrong with us. 

When we’re crawling along on an interstate, we don’t blame the road itself. But we’re very quick to analyze and judge ourselves when we’re stuck in unwanted thoughts, feelings and experiences.

The traffic isn’t who we are – by contrast, it’s interfering with our ability to know ourselves as who we really are.

Who you really are is magnificent and magical. If you’re not experiencing the truth of that, you might consider working with me.

If you’re ready to drive off the exit ramp of a toxic relationship, dead-end job or other type of life jam, and release blocks that have been preventing you from creating what you want most in life, I’m here for you!

Mental, emotional and habitual congestion comes in many forms including grief, guilt, fear, resentment, lack of forgiveness for self and others, trauma, complacency, limiting beliefs, judgment, codependency, compulsions and addictions, lack of self care, traumas, surivival programs and learned behaviors from childhood and more.

Sometimes we are aware of the traffic that’s preventing us from steering our lives where we want them; often we’re not.

What area or areas of your life are not where you want them to be?

Have you resigned yourself to believing this is just “the way that it is?” 

When a health challenge or long-standing pattern is in place, sometimes we can’t even see that change is possible. But it always is. 

Miracles happen all the time! The thing that prevents us from experiencing (or noticing) them is the interference coming from our own (conscious and subconscious) minds.

Traffic I can help you quickly and permanently release, as I guide you on the journey of profound self love that has helped the hundreds of clients I’ve coached drive freely to their desired lives.

As I prepare to lauch Love WIthout Traffic (the novel), I’m offering two limited time coaching packages. For details, visit:

Coaching Packages – Summer