Trust Your Body

We need to trust ourselves more. Not our minds, which almost never know our answers, but usually think they do. Not our emotions, which are often based on our minds. And not other people, who are basing what they think is best for us with their minds and emotions. We need to get our answers from our bodies.

Our bodies are always communicating with us. How often are we listening?

We’ve been trained to treat the symptoms without checking in for the cause. We do whatever we can to alleviate the symptoms. We completely miss the point.

I got bitten by something on the beach yesterday. I developed a crazy rash, all over my body, which was incessantly itchy. This morning, the rash was gone but the foot where I’d gotten the actual bite was swollen.

Instead of asking my foot what its message was, I asked Google. Of the 8000 potential causes I could have selected, I decided I’d been bitten by a sand flea, and that it had deposited eggs inside my skin. Please bear in mind that I am not a hypochondriac in normal circumstances; I’m pretty much the opposite of that. But I take elephant feet pretty seriously.

I didn’t rush to a hospital, as directed. The last time I saw a doctor was over five years ago, when I got a relentless bacterial infection, presumably from kissing wild horses on Vieques Island. Today, I took my chances and took a benedryl. Which may as well have been a horse tranquilizer, since I very rarely take medication.

Since I wasn’t capable of doing anything else, I participated with a Vortex (energy) healing, hosted by a friend from Omega. I meditated during the transmission and finally asked my foot what message it had for me.

The answer was, ironically, about not trusting my body, and not trusting my intuition enough. 

This evening, I returned to the scene of the crime. Within minutes of my arrival, a storm began to roll in. Lightning flashed. People scurried off the beach. A few actually screamed. Someone pointed out that it looked like a tornado, which was true. It seemed insane not to run off with the pack. But I decided to check in with my body.

There was no tension, anywhere in my body. It was all in my mind, based on what I’ve learned about lightning, and the group-think which bordered on hysteria. I stayed put.

The wind picked up. It began to pour. It was a wild storm, but the lightning never even made it all the way to the beach. I watched the sun set while I got soaked.

It was completely magical.

I used to live almost exclusively in my mind. I still spend more time there then is necessary, but less and less with every day that I learn about embodiment.

I’m not recommending anyone stay outside during a lightning storm. But I do encourage you to check in with your body more often, to see what you’re feeling about things, instead of focusing solely on what you’re thinking about them.

We believe the stories our minds feed us, even though these stories often conflict from day to day. Our bodies offer no such confusion.

Clear Your Traffic: Your body probably has a message for you right now. Why not take a breath and listen?

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