Traffic Jam: Limited Perspectives

Are you holding your balance and gracefully riding 2020’s wild waves? Or getting sucked into rip currents of intense emotions, limited perspectives and judgment toward the “other?” If the latter, are you remembering to swim parallel to the shore, or depleting your life force even further with pointless power struggles?

My inner mermaid has been a little tail-heavy lately, encouraging me to spend more time in the peaceful sea of my inner world than on land. I’m grateful to have this quiet space to retreat to, where there is no such thing as racism and violence, and no one wears masks of any kind or battles their beliefs. There’s no fear or separation there. Only love.

My body lets me when it’s time to spend more time in this inner sanctuary. It also lets me know when I have sufficiently replenished my energy supply – when it’s time to step back out and help others see that despite convincing appearances, a better world is emerging through the chaos.

It can be difficult to see this if we’re looking through the lens of a limited perspective. And when we are caught in the stories unfolding around us, it can be hard to ascertain what news reports are even true, which ones are ignorantly false and which ones are intentionally manipulating you to believe what they want you to.

For instance, Fox News posted old and digitally altered photos, suggesting they were of Seattle’s demonstrations. One photo, captioned “Crazy Town,” was actually taken in Minnesota! Fox took the photos down after getting busted by the Seattle Times.

The relaying of falsity does not just pertain to the news and other media outlets, which have been shaping beliefs with partial stories and blatant untruths since the beginning of time. Governments, religions, schools, teachers, parents and other sources turned to for truth also shape our belief systems, sometimes with very creative storytelling and flat-out fabrication.

The days of profit-before-people agendas will eventually come to an end, because the world that was based upon them is crumbling before our eyes. In the meantime, we can take what is reported with a grain of salt, especially if it’s coming from sources that are anti-pepper.

The average person believes whatever fits their preconceived belief system until they learn how to stretch it by thinking for themselves.

If you’re interested in doing more of this, you can start by looking at things from other perspectives than the one your mind insists is true, and sincerely trying to see life from other people’s experiences. If you grew up as they did, with the beliefs that were passed down to them as truths, and had lived their lives, you might see things as they do, also. Yep, even that person – the one you judge the most.

Resist the temptation to get sucked into power struggles and social media wars with people who hold different beliefs. Even if you believe you’re engaging gracefully, trying to force someone else to see life the way you do will likely come off as dismissive and disrespectful. It is also a complete waste of your energy.

If someone is trying to lure you into battle, or is pushing their beliefs upon you, simple responses like, “that’s an interesting point of view” will help you maintain peace. They’ll also usually end the conversation, because someone who wants to argue is not going to get the rush they’re looking for from bland but respectful responses.

When you catch yourself wanting to engage in an egoically-based battle of beliefs, an alternative is breathing into any need you may feel to control what other people believe, say and do, and challenging yourself to broaden your own perspective.

Once upon a time people believed the world was flat! What a limiting mass hallucination that was, to believe a ship would fall off the earth if it went too close to an edge that didn’t actually exist.

Where are the edges that are keeping you locked in limitation?

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