The Relationship Ride

“The Relationship Ride is a deeply resonant exploration of the intricacies of personal growth through the lens of Nancy Koenig’s former relationship and her navigation of its emotional undercurrents. With candid reflections, her book is an authentic guide for anyone seeking to heal through the transformative power of self-awareness and the courage to face one’s truths.”

~Michael Bernard BeckwithFounder Agape International Spiritual Center, Author Life Visioning and Spiritual Liberation

Has a relationship ever taken you on a ride so wild, your entire life wiped out along with your heart? Are you still trying to catch your breath after being stuck under a treacherous wave of emotional abuse, narcissistic abuse, or another type of all-consuming, toxic relationship?

Nine winters ago, Nancy Koenig found herself on just such a ride. She’d put her life on hold to launch a novel and enjoy the beaches of warm, sunny Florida. The novel was pushed aside as she instead became the heroine of her own story: a scintillating romantic comedy.  But that rom-com quickly turned to something darker, and she ultimately ended up dialing a domestic violence hotline a few months later.

She journaled about the call — an entry that was meant for her eyes only, but was instead read all over the world.

Within hours of knowing she had to post what she’d written, and begrudgingly acting upon that, Nancy had dozens of messages from readers who resonated with her vulnerable share. “You put words to everything I’ve been feeling,” was a common theme, as was asking for help.

Stunned by the responses from readers who viewed her as an expert, she knew she needed to become one. While learning everything she could about abusive and otherwise challenging relationships, she continued blogging for two years about the struggles and successes of her own. 

Whether looking for entertainment, healing or both, readers flocked to her blog. While written for women struggling with abusive and debilitating relationships, the blog quickly amassed a much broader audience. Through her personal stories, Nancy taught readers how to create loving relationships with themselves, as well as magical manifestations.  

A couple of years later, Nancy took down the blog and deleted related social media pages; the next phase of her journey needed to be lived without an audience.  But she promised readers she’d be back in the future to take her audience to the next level — and The Relationship Ride is the fulfillment of that promise.

Unlike other books written about abuse and healing from toxic relationships and traumas, The Relationship Ride will not drive you deeper into victim consciousness. Instead, it will show you the various ways you’ve given your power away so you can reclaim it and create the life you desire. 

The teachings and processes in this book will teach you how to stop wiping out on abuse and other experiences that make you feel victimized, and start calming the churning waters of your emotions, so you can be free from abuse forever … and create unshakable self-love and self-worth in the process.

The Relationship Ride will launch later this summer. For advance access and exclusive bonuses including live Q&As and a complimentary support group, contact Nancy via the form below.