Stop Dating Narcissists


10 Tips To Reclaim Your Power from Narcissistic Abuse

Are you struggling to break free from a narcissist, healing from narcissistic abuse, or terrified to draw another narcissist while dating? 

If any or all of these situations describe you, my heart goes out deeply to you. My name is Nancy Koenig, and I’m the author of Love Without Traffic. The novel, launching this May, will help build narcissistic abuse awareness, through the medium of a story. The book also contains insights and techniques to help readers recover from abuse, release the chains of codependency, heal grief and much more. 

Empowerment Trainings

Just after the Love Without Traffic book launch this May, I will host trainings  to help you reclaim your power and create unshakable self worth. Contact me via the contact box below. 

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A book like Love Without Traffic would have changed my life, since I had no idea what narcissistic personality disorder, narcissistic abuse and gaslighting were when I was experiencing them. It would have helped me navigate the confusion and heartbreak and learn what I needed to do to free myself from the drama, chaos and relentless pain much sooner.

But I needed to have the exact experience I did in order to know how to support others. Since I lived it, I know how confusing and torturous a relationship with someone who has narcissistic personality disorder can feel, and how impossible it can seem to break free from the extremely painful cycle of narcissistic abuse. 

I tried just about everything the abuse recovery industry suggested, from joining support groups to getting 1×1 support. I tried leaving, going “no contact” and blocking.

None of it worked.

With my body breaking down and my entire life falling apart from the trauma, I was starting to think that ending my life was the only way I was ever going to be free.

Just as I was about to lose all hope, I discovered a collection of insights and practices that helped me recover. Quickly. Permanently.

Now I’m here to teach readers, and those I mentor and coach, the shortcuts I didn’t have, so you can heal even faster than I did, create unshakable self worth and open to the love and life you deserve.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder makes enemies of loved ones, and provides an endless series of ever-escalating and moving hoops to jump through. No matter what you say or do, you will always be criticized, blamed, manipulated, and even gaslit and abused. You will continue to become a shell of yourself until you take your power back. Then, if you’re anything like me or most of my clients, you’ll wonder why it took so long. 

We all tolerate the unacceptable until we don’t, so don’t add putting up with abuse for so long to the list of things to beat yourself up for. You need to tear that list up altogether, so you can forgive yourself and others and move on to the life you deserve. If you’re still reading, there’s a big part of you that’s ready for that. Ready for healing, empowerment and personal freedom. I’m here to help you create that and more. 

Whether you’re still in this type of relationship, struggling to recover from one, or wanting to date again after narc abuse (but are understandably terrified), I can teach you empowerment codes that will change your life for the immeasurably better.

Take a few deep belly breaths. You’ve made it this far. With the right education, mentoring and support, life can get a lot less painful, and a whole lot happier, very quickly.

Recovery and healing are not only possible for you; they’re your birthright. You deserve love, peace and happiness. Let me help you release everything that’s getting in the way of that, starting with the patterns of people-pleasing that have bound you to abusive narcissists.