Stop Dating Narcissists

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~how to begin rebuilding your confidence and create unshakable self worth
~the quickest way to end #narcattacks and communicate with narcissists

~how to start releasing hooks to narcissists and toxic relationship patterns

Are you a woman who is struggling to break free from a narcissist, healing from narcissistic abuse, terrified to date again after abuse or wondering if you are with (or were with) a narcissist?

If so, this training is for you!

Narcissist is a label that is often misunderstood and overused. A true narcissist is not someone who posts a lot of selfies on social media and acts selfishly; it’s someone who has a personality disorder that creates extreme toxicity in relationships.

I know how torturous a relationship with someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder can feel, and how impossible it can seem to break free from the extremely painful cycle of narcissistic abuse.

I tried just about everything the abuse recovery industry suggested, from joining support groups to getting 1×1 support. I tried leaving, going “no contact” and blocking.

None of it worked.

My entire body and life was falling apart. I was starting to think that ending my life was the only way I was ever going to be free.

Then I discovered what did work. Quickly. Permanently.

Now I’m here to teach you the shortcuts I didn’t have, so you can heal your heart and life even faster than I did, and stop dating narcissists forever.

Whether you’re still in this type of relationship, struggling to recover from one, or wanting to date again after narc abuse (but are understandably terrified), I can teach you empowerment codes that will change your life for the immeasurably better.

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Here’s the very first post I wrote on my blog, long before I knew what narcissistic abuse was. I needed help breaking through my denial. Maybe this will help you with yours: 

The Hotline Call