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Are you struggling to leave an abusive relationship and no matter how anguishing and traumatic it feels, you just can’t break free?

Are you dating again after abuse and terrified you’ll end up in the same type of relationship?

Or are you wondering if your partner is a narcissist? It’s a term that gets grandly misused, and understanding the dynamics of a true narcissistically abusive relationship, and most importantly, the reasons you’re involved in one, is a key step to rapid healing.

Many support groups allow you to share your play-by-play of trauma over and over, so other members can back you up with their own. While this may help you feel better in the moment, it’s not the path to healing, and actually takes you in the opposite direction. I know, because I did it. I did a lot of things that the traditional paths to recovery suggested.

None of them worked.

Then I discovered what did work. Quickly. Permanently.
I’m here to teach you the shortcuts I didn’t have so you can release the emotional congestion, trauma and codependent programming that invited your painful relationships, and teach how you can heal – not from them, but through them.

Whether you’re still in this relationship or struggling to recover, you can access the healing and transformation it’s here to actually bless you with, once you know the empowerment codes.

Join me this May for a complimentary three-day training to set yourself free, so you can create the relationships and life you came here to enjoy. Dates will be announced later this month.


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