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I need help naming my book! Join the Name My Novel contest and get exclusive access to the book before I release it to the public.

Several years ago, I held a contest to find an incredible title for the novel. I posted excerpts online and readers around the world suggested names and voted for their favorites. It was so much fun and blessed me with an amazing title that I couldn’t possibly love more.

I will finally (and at just the right time) publish Love Without Traffic later this year…but first, I’ve decided to publish another book! Now, I need help naming that book!

Those of you who have been around that long might remember that shortly after the contest, I went to Florida for a month, to focus on self-publishing Love Without Traffic. Instead, my life became a screenplay! I blogged about it and confused some readers along the way.

“Is this more of the novel?” they asked. It sure read like one! People got hooked on my real-life drama; the audience became its very own character.

Who’s to say what was “real” or how that plotline would have developed had it not been for the observation effect?

I’ve learned a lot since then, namely that life doesn’t happen to us. It happens through us. If something is showing up on the movie screen of our lives that we don’t want to experience, we often try to change the projection, failing to grasp that the movie is coming from within us. To serve us! It certainly does not always look or feel that way.

I needed every moment of that movie I was projecting, in order to become who I am today. Love Without Traffic, AND this new book, which is loosely based on my blog, can help anyone who is starring in their own life-changing movie.

Inspiration for the choice to turn the blog into a book arrived years ago, and a series of synchronicities and signs, one of which I detailed in my last post, showed me it has to be published first.

So, as I’ve learned to do, I’m listening.

Contest Info:  

I’m almost done writing the new book, but I don’t yet have a title. Hence hosting another contest!

I will post two introductions and five or six excerpts from the new book here, on the website. If you are a subscriber, you’ll get notifications, otherwise check back in a couple of weeks! They will all be posted by mid-July, if not sooner.

You can suggest titles as comments underneath the posts, send them via the comment forms under each post, DM the Name My Novel pages on Facebook or Instagram, or join the Name My Novel Facebook group (link below). Since the books are connected, I’d love the title to be related to Love Without Traffic in some way, but I’m open to amazing title suggestions that aren’t!

Once I have posted all the excerpts and collected all the titles, I’ll put them up to a vote. That will take place in the Name My Novel Facebook group.

Join us at: for contest details and voting.

Thanks in advance for finding me another great title!

Read the first excerpt from the book: 

Name My Novel Excerpt #1


Weigh in on your favorite intro for the book:

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