Happy Is Good

The next morning, I was welcomed to a new day with a breakfast invitation. The musician concluded his Facebook message with a quote we volleyed the night before. “Happy is good!” We already had our own hashtag.

My heart smiled to remember walking arm-in-arm when those words passed through my lips for the first time, just after our first kiss. It was respectful and romantic, the type of kiss that washes over your body and electrifies your soul.

It was also perfectly timed – we were the last remaining al fresco diners at the restaurant, sharing the world only with the sea and stars. Our kiss ended before our server brought our check, but she gave us a knowing smile. We must have been fun to wait on, especially if she had a penchant for romance. It was obvious we were about to fall wildly in love.

After a night like that, the me of yesteryear would have dropped everything to meet the musician for breakfast. But after a lifetime of collapsing myself into relationships and letting them consume me, I knew I needed to continue the habits that work so well for me when I’m single.

I told him I’d meet him after I hit the beach for morning yoga and meditation. I suggested my favorite place to have breakfast, a spot I’d enjoyed with my mom on our many vacations to the area. I’d never gone this long without seeing her. Eating there made me feel closer to her and miss her more at the same time.

I caught myself starting to apologize to the musician for making him wait. Instead, I initiated a discussion about how the fastest way to kill the magic of a relationship is to let it take the place of your self-care, spiritual practice and anything else that is essential for your wellbeing.

You can coast on the energy of new love for a short while, but you will eventually run out of fuel…that is if you don’t crash into something very hard and painful first. It’s one thing to see another person through the eyes of God and oneness; it’s another to make that person your source. 

He expressed that he believed that also and we promised one another not to do that. We also concurred we could never fill one another’s expectations, another pitfall in relationships. We agreed to do our best not to have any.

It was unusual for me to have a conversation like that less than 24 hours after meeting someone, but I know with every fiber of my being that this was going to turn into something.

It already was something. Something bigger than me. Something bigger than him. Something even bigger than the connection between us. 

It was to be a love story for the ages. Unfortunately, there is a prevalent theme for the ages that I currently knew nothing about. I was about to get the education of a lifetime.  

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