Don’t Disconnect While Distancing

I have been social distancing myself on the beach for decades – the only sounds I like to hear are the ocean and seagulls. I was far from all humans while doing an immune system-boosting Kundalini class this evening, when I heard someone call out a dolphin alert.

The dolphins were so close to the beach, it seemed impossible that the water could have been deep enough for them. I could have touched one of them and I was super close to the shoreline. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes.

When they swam off, the young adults who had brought the dolphins to my attention began to walk away and I called out a thank you. They walked over to speak about what had just occurred. We were all amazed the dolphins had been swimming in water that was not even up to our knees; it almost seemed like a collective hallucination.

Unlike the spring breakers I witnessed yesterday, who acted as though they’d never heard of any type of corona outside the beer, this group of college students and recent graduates was very evolved. 

We shared a beautiful, authentic and inspiring conversation – the type that sends feel-good, health-enhancing hormones rushing through your system.

Normally, I would have hugged each and every one of them. Hugging produces oxytocin, which reduces stress and in turn boosts your immune system. But while I believe in the power of my immune system, I am taking precautions for those around me, since we can be carriers and not even know it. So instead of hugging, I put my hands over my heart and sent them love. 

Like dolphins, humans need connection, so make sure you’re getting that in other ways if you are self-isolating or under mandatory quarantine. And if you feel like you need a good dose of oxytocin, or just want to self-comfort, you can put your hands over your heart and breathe. It feels like a hug and offers that sense of comfort your favorite stuffed animal or blankie did while hugged against your chest as a child.

Or last week. Hey, comfort is comfort. 

Placing my hands over my heart is one of my go-to’s when I feel emotionally vulnerable, and also something I recommend to clients who are experiencing anxiety. 

Keeping them there for a few minutes and applying some gentle pressure while doing some slow, deep belly breathing works every time.

With love,