Costa Rican Redirect

It seemed like the worst possible timing for my first injury in several decades. Little did I know, it was an injury redirect that would lead to countless blessings, miracles, and deep transformation.

Family and friends who saw the size of my swollen knee and quad urged me to cancel my trip to Costa Rica, the focal point of which was a retreat with Dr. Sue Morter. Daily yoga and several trips up and down 108 stairs to the shala where our classes would be held seemed impossible; I couldn’t walk across a room without crutches.

As an avid hiker, I’d smugly believed I’d be scaling those stairs several times a day with absolute ease, along with several trails I’d planned to traverse before the retreat. Instead of further researching the volcanoes, waterfalls and national parks I’d planned to explore, I wondered how I was going to get to my connecting flight in the immense Atlanta airport. 

Instead of listening to those who were reflecting back my own fear, I found the courage to board my flight. In case that didn’t feel crazy enough, I also turned down the wheelchair I’d requested. “Nope,” I thought when I saw the chair and sign with my name on it. “I can’t give my body that message. I need to affirm healing, not handicapped.”

It was a slow hobble to my next gate, but I made it. I assured myself that the timing of the injury was perfect, despite how it looked and felt. My belief that every occurrence of my life serves my highest good does not have exceptions; there had to be a reason. There turned out to be countless reasons. I will dedicate my next few posts to them, to offer hope for everyone struggling with anything.


The Injury Redirect


First…there was Playas del Coco. I didn’t even know what part of Costa Rica I was heading to when I landed, let alone where I was staying, thanks to finally releasing my mind’s incessant attempts to create pre-retreat plans, all of which had fallen through. I finally got the message with the injury redirect, and surrendered to allowing the trip to be what it was designed for.

I was guided to Hotel Villa del Sol, a local, non-touristy spot that could not have blessed me with a better first impression of Costa Rican hospitality or the ability to do next to nothing for three days. That nothing was everything.

There were so many areas of this glorious country I wanted to explore and my inner-adventurer would have had me off doing so each day. Since I couldn’t, I didn’t. I watched other guests skip breakfast to board early morning shuttles for excursions they later told me had been disappointing, and realized I was excited to just enjoy the gorgeous gardens, pool, and beach, and relax.  

I bathed my knee in the mineral-rich volcanic black sand and warm, salty sea. Massages were enjoyed right on the beach, with a local who referred to the tree she worked under as her office. Hours were enjoyed reading and meditating in hammocks. And I was blessed with the freshest fruit, right off the trees, and yummiest breakfasts I’d had in eons. I connected with the warm, loving, and gracious staff and the resident kitty, all of whom I adored beyond words. 

My days there helped me begin to tap into the sense of gratitude that would shape the rest of my Costa Rican adventure – the one that was far more magnificent than any that mind of mine could have conjured up.

I suspected the retreat was going to require me to dig in deep, and those days in Playas del Coco were exactly what I needed to start softening my inner sand.

Gracias Fatima, Marta, and your entire incredible crew and of course, Mineero Boots my first Costa Rican amigo gato. I love you all and can’t wait to see you again next time! ♥️

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