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Love Without Traffic is launching this June!

What If Who You Are Today

Could See The One That Got Away?

Vienna is finally ready to release Zakary, the man of her dreams who she hasn’t seen in over a decade, and date Grant, the man who dreams of her. But just as she starts to move on, the ghost of her lovelife past arrives with an invitation to rewrite their ending. 

This book can help readers navigate relationship issues, trauma, grief, narcissistic abuse, addiction and more. Insights and techniques are shared as part of the compelling love story.

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I have been doing book readings in random (and not so random) spots while traveling.  The earliest ones were filmed while driving from Florida to New York to see my mom for the first time in over a year.

The next ones will be held on Long Island, where much of the novel takes place. Any resemblance to real spots and people is anything but coincidental. While 1/3 of the book is wildly fictitious, the rest is loosely (and in some chapters, not so loosely) based on real life.

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I’m currently writing the next two books of the Love Without Traffic series. One is about my 3.5-year nomadic adventure that began in late 2017. It started off as an almost impossibly challenging and painful time of my life, but led to profound healing, extreme miracles, my awakening and the opportunity to make a true impact on a world in need of hope. 

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I am hosting a video training this May to help those who are experiencing narcissistic abuse, or want to learn more about this. Learn more by clicking the link to my event invite below.

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Here’s a link to a recent post. The blog was about my own experience of narcissistic abuse.


First Answered Prayer


Here’s link to my guest appearance on The Buttrfly Effect, where I was interviewed about codependency.

Codependency, which includes habits like people pleasing, is the magnet that attracts partners with this personality type and the glue that binds us to unhealthy relationship patterns. Here’s the podcast:

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