Three Complimentary Support Opportunities

Release people-pleasing and self-depleting behaviors and/or receive abuse support recovery in one or all of these complimentary ways.

  • If you haven’t already done so, sign up for the Emotional Abuse Recovery & Resiliency Summit. I’m one of the featured experts. An abusive relationship is not a prerequisite to get benefit from my topic Codependency Recovery: The Abuse Inoculation. It will be helpful for anyone with a big heart and passion for supporting others. Click here to check out the summit: 
  • Receive a free week of self-honoring with a complimentary week of the Codependency Cleanse, a 12-week mind/emotional body/spirit program to release people-pleasing, abuse-enabling and energy-depleting thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This complimentary week and related 12-step guide to Abuse Inoculation is yours to keep regardless of whether you continue with The Cleanse, which will launch this autumn. To subscribe and receive, see the sidebar if you’re on a laptop or computer or scroll to the bottom of this page on a mobile device to sign up!
  • Contact me at for a complimentary consultation if you’d like 1×1 support.

If you don’t hear back from me or don’t receive a confirmation email when you sign up for The Cleanse, please check your spam folder!


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