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Are you dating a narcissist, and no matter how challenging, confusing and emotionally torturous the relationship feels, you just can’t break free?

Or are you dating a series of narcissists and can’t understand why you keep attracting this same personality type, again and again?

Perhaps you’re dating again after an experience of narcissistic abuse, and want to open your heart – but you’re terrified!

If any of these situations or feelings ring true, my heart goes deeply out to you. My name is Nancy Koenig, and I’m here for you! I remember exactly what all three of these feel like, and today I can teach the shortcuts I just didn’t have.

Join me this October for a free 3-day virtual training! 

This training is for women who are:

~struggling with anxiety, overwhelming emotions, loss of confidence and/or self, a sense of losing one’s mind due to gaslighting and all the other anguishing challenges that come with being in relationships with narcissists

~stuck in a pattern of dating narcissists, or landing in one toxic relationship after another

~terrified to date again after an experience of narcissistic abuse

~struggling with another type of relationship with a narcissist, such a s a family member or professional associate, and wanting to know how to handle the crazymaking

~wondering whether or not your partner is a narcissist

After registering below, you’ll be directed to our Stop Dating Narcissists community on Facebook, where the training will take place. Details, including live call times, will be announced there. Replays will be available for those who can’t attend live.

This training is only for women, since it takes place in my sisterhood, but I provide 1×1 support and additional resources for men. Reach out! 

Here are the links to my most recent blog post, about the beginning of my own healing journey, and to my very first post, about a call I placed to The Hotline. You can read more about me on the About Nancy Koenig page.  

Finding Footing Part I


Here’s where my personal journey began five summers ago. I almost can’t believe some of what I went through after writing this first post. But I wouldn’t trade a moment of it, for all the ways it grew me, and prepared me to support my readers, clients and the women I mentor! 

The Hotline Call