Love Without Traffic is a transformational novel that offers more than just a compelling story; it’s a book that can help people transform their relationships and lives.

Protagonist Vienna is trapped in the emotional congestion of her past. She is still hung up on Zakary, her “one that got away,” who she hasn’t seen in a decade. When she gets a visit from the ghost of her love life past, she learns she must relive their time together to uncover why she can’t move on.

Revisiting their romance proves to be a fun trip down memory lane, until Vienna comes face-to-face with a repressed trifecta of traumas. Flashbacks to the 90s and glimpses at a potential future provide insights, but can they set Vienna free?

Conscious relationship wisdom subtly supplements this story of love, loss and the sometimes illusory spaces between.

Love Without Traffic has undergone its very own metamorphosis in the seven years since it was first written.

An inspired idea arrived after its completion to hold a contest to name it. After a decade writing for the official website of the National Hockey League ( I was no stranger to sharing my work with an audience, but this felt much more vulnerable. It took two years to work up the courage to put excerpts from the book online.

“Love Without Traffic,” a phrase placed in the book after coming forth in a dream, was suggested by one reader and won in a landslide victory, despite how many incredible titles were suggested.

It was a perfect title. I’d selected playful chapters and readers were easily able to ascertain that it was a love story. They didn’t know the book also contained heavy themes such as loss, (emotional, psychological, narcissistic and sexual) abuse and substance abuse. Aside from loss, these sections had not been informed by personal experience. I had no idea how I’d written them so convincingly.

I was about to find out just how true to life some of them were…

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