Name My Novel (Again!)

Name My Novel (Again!) and My Memoir

     Six Julys ago, I held a contest to name my recently completed novel. Readers from around the world sampled excerpts I’d posted online, suggested titles and voted for their favorites. Love Without Traffic won in a landslide victory. That following winter, I went to Florida to focus on editing and publishing the book, without distractions. Ha! Instead, I fell widely in love.
     Five Julys ago, I began blogging about that real-life relationship, and the deep challenges I was facing in it. Readers began to associate the title Love WIthout Traffic with my personal story, since I blogged on the site I’d created to promote the novel. Unbeknownst to me at the time, that relationship would spark profound healing and transformation, and the popular blog would inspire my second book.
     This July, I will do everything in my power to bring both books into a world in need. Not only will they provide entertainment and a great distraction from the challenges of these times, but more importantly, they can help readers masterfully meet them.
     I’ve woven the very best practices and insights that have helped me and my clients into the stories; anyone looking to transform their own lives and relationships, including the one they share with themselves, will learn quick and simple ways to do this.
     As a thank you for those who help me title these books, I am offering significantly discounted phone coaching sessions, group sessions via Zoom and online workshops. I will teach simple but life-changing practices that can help with any aspect of life that feels challenging and/or painful, including related feelings of fear, stress, anxiety, grief and overwhelm.
     These practices work quickly. Powerfully. And in many cases, permanently. I’ve witnessed long-standing patterns of self-sabotage dissolve within just one session, without the person even needing to discover the roots!
     To receive your discount, simply let me know which book you’d like to see titled Love Without Traffic, and what you’d name the other one. You can share your treasured opinion via the contact box on this page, or by messaging me on the Name My Novel Facebook page, where I will present all the titles for voting later this summer.
     To help name me decide which book to title Love Without Traffic, you can read excerpts from both books:
     Excerpt One from the novel:
     Excerpt One from the memoir:
     I’ll share more excerpts from each book soon! Thanks for your support!

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