Manifestation Queen

“A high-quality life starts with a high-quality you.” ~Cheryl Richardson

The longer I lived with my boyfriend and his son, the less apt I became to make my own needs like sleep a priority. This eventually led to the breakdown of my emotions and almost the breakup of our relationship. But I was about to take a refresher course on the art of self-care. 

Three days after our first fight, I set off for Miami to enjoy my rescheduled hotel stay. I may be the first person in the history of South Beach who visited the area for some quiet time. Forget the hot spots; all I wanted was a quiet room with a comfortable bed!

I felt my energy rise with every mile driven south. This was exactly what I needed. It felt so good to have some time to myself and be on my own schedule again. I declared it Nancy Day.

I somehow avoided rush hour traffic and arrived at Kundalini Yoga at the perfect time for a soul-nourishing class with my Miami teacher. Afterwards, I was approached by another student who offered to buy me a beautiful handmade shirt from India she’d witnessed me admiring. I’d put it back after checking the price tag.

Not accustomed to people I don’t know buying me pricey gifts, I declined. She told me it was important for her to learn to give and that I’d be doing her a great service by accepting. I remembered it was Nancy Day and allowed.

My boutique hotel informed me I was welcome to check in four hours early. Edgewater had already made an impression by letting me switch the night of my reservation, even though it had been made through Hotwire. 

Had I gone there the night of the fight, I would have wasted the stay with a late arrival and ensuing night of brooding. I may even have sabotaged my relationship. I expressed my gratitude for the hotel’s flexibility upon check-in. The manager responded with a free upgrade to a spacious oceanfront suite.

I realized this was an unusual gift to receive, especially during peak season, but the laws of the universe don’t believe in probabilities. When I’m in a state of appreciation, life tends to deliver more experiences to add to my gratitude list.

After two days of catching up on rest, appreciating and allowing, I went back to my boyfriend’s place a new person. Well, more like the old person. In my natural state, this is who I am. Present. Grateful. Happy.

Someone who practices great self care and supports others through this state of fullness. Someone who uses the contrast of unwanted experiences for the springboard of clarity and consciously creates. 

The fact that I wasn’t doing so while living with my boyfriend was telling. I wasn’t listening. But I returned from Miami Beach with my power back on.

I’d been planning to return to New York that week, but had second thoughts when I heard the forecast. I was going to face enough culture shock as it was. Why go home just before a snowstorm? 

My boyfriend offered to pay my flight change fee but I knew it wouldn’t be necessary. I was back in the flow of allowing. 

The prior winter, I’d managed to reschedule a flight I’d checked in for, but decided not to take. I got a message later that night that my flight was delayed and I could change it for free. That occurred several hours after the plane landed in New York! I couldn’t wait to see how life would support me this year. 

Sure enough, my flight that was scheduled to arrive well in advance of a single snowflake got cancelled. The airline gave me a week to rebook it on them.

The universe seemed to be conspiring to keep me in Florida, and I had no objections.The time in Miami Beach had rejuvenated me and my boyfriend had reconnected with the idea that I was the love of his life, not his enemy. I was proud of us for rising above our challenges. Our connection seemed to have grown even stronger; our relationship more enjoyable than ever.

I got comfortable in the peaceful interlude, blissfully unaware I was about to step into one of the most challenging periods of my life. 


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