About Nancy Koenig

Nancy Koenig is a certified empowerment coach, Energy Codes facilitator, author, blogger and speaker. Her greatest passion and mission, Love Without Traffic, teaches people how to release mental, emotional and subconscious congestion (including trauma) so they can experience unconditional love and appreciation for themselves, others and life and create the lives they desire.

She teaches how to improve the relationship all others are based upon: the one with self! This doesn’t mean fixing anything that is broken, since nothing is, but rather learning to accept, forgive, honor and love oneself more fully, which automatically leads to an enhanced ability to do the same with others and create harmonious and happy relationships. 

For the past 20 years, Nancy has helped clients, readers and workshop participants heal, empower and awaken through the most challenging and traumatic experiences of their lives including experiences of narcissistic/emotional abuse, addictions, natural disasters, losses, health crises, abrupt and unwelcome life changes and much more. She has helped people quickly release patterns of self-sabotage, without needing to explore the roots, and fall deeply in unconditional love with themselves, others and life itself. 

Nancy was featured on the Emotional Abuse Recovery & Resiliency summit (2018) and has spoken and taught workshops at treatment centers, spiritual centers, schools and bookstores. She was a recent guest on The Buttrfly Effect, an amazing new podcast on codependency recovery. (Link can be found on bottom of page.)

She teaches how to be present with and then transcend the mental, emotional and energetic congestion that surfaces through challenging times, so one can empower, awaken and open to the flow of their desired life.


Nancy teaches Dr. Sue Morter’s Energy Codes, EFT (emotional freedom technique) and other easy embodiment, energy healing and empowerment practices that quickly lead to freedom, peace and true happiness – the types that are not contingent upon external circumstances. She helps people release trauma, emotional and subconscious blocks and past programming such as people pleasing, so they can create the lives they want – quickly – without having to relive painful events from the past.

Nancy’s primary focus in on helping people improve all relationships, starting with the one from which all others stem: the one with self. 



Nancy was manifesting her dreams long before she’d heard of the law of attraction or vision boards. Prior to her 20+ year coaching and counseling career, she created her dream job as a writer for the National Hockey League (primarily with NHL.com).


She created this dream career without a background in journalism or contacts in sports, and without applying for a job or even sending out a single resume. The path found her, as our paths tend to do when we have cleared mental and emotional congestion and subconscious blocks (traffic!).

Nancy loved this exciting career which involved interviewing NHL players, writing features, blogging, attending games and events around the league and interacting with fans around the world.

She left the NHL shortly after 9/11, when it became clear she was destined to help people, but she never stopped writing.

Nancy has authored two books and co-authored a third, for which she is currently exploring publishing options. She also contributed stories and a chapter introduction to 10 Habits of Truly Optimistic People (Viva Editions, 2015), and put together the chapter on addiction recovery with stories from inspirational writers.

Contact Nancy at coachnancyk@gmail.com to learn how she can support you with 1×1 coaching, group coaching and online workshops, or to book her for a speaking event or podcast. You can also fill out the contact box below. To listen to Nancy’s podcast interview on the Buttrfly Effect, visit: