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Are you struggling with anxiety and overwhelming emotions related to this tumultuous time in our history, your relationships and/or challenges in your personal life? Are you grieving and/or stuck in that gap between your old life and the one that has yet to emerge, and grappling with fear of the unknown?

If so, how are you navigating these emotions? 

The world of psychology has taught us to name our emotions, talk about them with anyone who will listen, analyze them and find their roots. This can be better than pushing them down at all costs, but it doesn’t do much more than help us understand why we feel so disconnected, powerless and sometimes altogether hopeless. 

Seeing roots can help us understand ourselves, others and our projected experiences of life, but staring at them doesn’t magically pull them out of the ground or invite the life we want. Neither does learning everything we can about the roots of our challenges. In fact, the more we do that, the more they tend to grow. 

If you want to release emotional congestion, traumas and the roots of current challenges quickly, easily and painlessly, without even needing to relive the experiences connected with them, the way to do so is through your body. Yes, that very same body that might be giving you an abundance of clues that some things need to change around here. Have you been listening? If you’re like most people, you haven’t learned how. That’s okay. I’m here to teach you! 

I can also help if you’re experiencing any or all of the following:

~Anxiety, grief and other overwhelming emotions

~Relationship challenges

~Difficulty adapting to abrupt and unwelcome life changes

~Present or past trauma, PTSD and Complex PTSD

~Difficulty taking action on goals, even though you really want to, or releasing habits, relationships and situations that are not serving you

~Not knowing how to improve your life, or experience peace and contentment that isn’t based on fleeting external circumstances

~Feelings of discomfort, powerlessness or victimization in a relationship, environment or situation

~Perpetual self-judgment and a loud critical voice

~Feelings of regret, shame and guilt

~Repeated focus on what others are saying and doing instead of on how you’re feeling

~Obsessive thought loops

~Endless power struggles, often about the same or similar topics

~Difficulty speaking up for yourself or expressing yourself assertively as opposed to passively, aggressively or passive-aggressively

~Large investment of time and energy attempting to establish harmony with someone who does not have that same goal, or does not take accountability…maybe for anything

~Accusations, incessant criticism, and/or blame from partner

~Emotional reactivity that feels out of your control

~Suspicion or certainty that you are dealing with verbal, emotional, psychological, and/or narcissistic abuse, or have in the past

~Attempting to outrun your real feelings by abusing substances, overeating and engaging in other compulsive behaviors, only to find the old ways of avoidance aren’t even working anymore? 

This isn’t going to be one of those games where depending on how many of those you checked off, I tell you how screwed up you are. If you’re still reading, we’ve already established that you need some support here. But it isn’t because there’s something wrong with you! 

You just haven’t learned how to release the mental, emotional and energetic congestion that has kept you stuck in survival mode, instead of connecting with the truth of who you are, who has the ability to create the life you want!

When we don’t accept life’s nudges to empower ourselves, they usually get stronger – and much more painful. I learned this the very hard way so you don’t have to.

Visit my bio (click on the title About Nancy Koenig below) and my Emotional Congestion 101 pages, or contact me directly at 516-526-8455 to learn how I can support you with 1×1 coaching, group coaching or an upcoming online Energy Codes workshop.

I’ve been helping clients and readers empower themselves and transform their lives for over 20 years. I’ve never enjoyed doing so more than I do now. Here for you! 

About Nancy Koenig


If you’re currently stuck in overwhelming emotional congestion, I encourage you to place your hands over your heart and take a few slow, deep breaths into your belly. You can learn more about why this is so essential in this blog post: 

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