Are you stuck in emotional congestion, due to relationship challenges and conflicts? Do you feel victimized or caught in what seems like an endless power struggle with a romantic partner, family member, friend or professional associate? Are you trapped in a loop of obsessive focus on what this person has been saying and doing? 

Do you explain and defend yourself, apologize and put massive amounts of time and energy into trying to find peace with this person, but rarely if ever experience their accountability or a willingness to meet you halfway?  

Does it seem like your emotions are spiraling out of control on a regular basis? Do you find yourself  becoming increasingly reactionary and behaving in ways that are just not like you?

Are your relationship issues impacting other areas of your life, such as your health, career, finances, etc.?   

Have you been trying to ascertain if you are experiencing emotional, psychological and/or narcissistic abuse?

Are your relationship challenges progressing and/or are you caught in a cycle that goes from periods of what seems like positive connection to abominable friction and pain?

Freedom from your pain, reactivity, trauma and/or toxic relationship patterns is not only possible; it’s also your mandate. It’s a promise you made to yourself, long ago.

In fact, the very circumstances of your relationships and life that seem so frustrating, confusing and even emotionally disastrous are, despite appearances, the very same paths that can lead to healing parts of your heart and life that felt broken long before your current relationship challenges commenced. 

With a revolutionary energy healing process, some insight into the dynamics you’ve been engaging in and why, the activation of your superpowers and a simple trick to deflect verbal abuse and end all power struggles on the spot, you can experience empowerment beyond your present ability to imagine such.

I know, because I have not only helped light the path for my clients to quickly find their personal keys to healing, but because I first hiked that pitch-dark, terrifying and lonely trek myself. There were times I didn’t even think it was possible to find my way out of the trauma, or ever feel even remotely okay again, let alone peaceful, joyful and aligned with my dreams. I felt like the ultimate victim. 

Victim consciousness begets victim experiences. 

As a featured expert with 2018’s Emotional Abuse Recovery and Resiliency Summit, I helped people understand the roles victim consciousness and codependency play in our relationship challenges, starting with the one we hold with ourselves. They’re the magnets that attract abusive and otherwise unhealthy relationships, and the glues that bind us to them.

If you’re ready for support, or ready to be ready, contact me at 516-526-8455 or email I’ve been supporting clients for over 20 years (phone, video, in-person and intensive live-in support) as a certified empowerment coach, abuse recovery coach and addiction recovery specialist (coaching, sober companion, interventions). I’m also an author, blogger, speaker and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, and I teach my clients a revolutionary new energy healing process to release trauma and past programming, and create the lives they want – quickly. 

If you need immediate assistance or feel you are in danger, call 911 or The Hotline (1-800-799-7233) which provides free support 24 hours a day. If you suspect your calls may be tracked or monitored, you may want to call from someone else’s phone. The Hotline has supported over 5 million people! Just promise me you will eventually work to release the victim mentality that may be further fortified by traditional abuse support resources.

The first time I called a domestic violence hotline, my advocate insisted I was a victim of an abusive partner and that this had nothing to do with me, like I’d just been dealt a bad hand in a game of relationships, by chance.The call helped me in the moment – and calls like this can and do save lives.

Sometimes we need to believe we are victims in order to extract ourselves from destructive relationships and begin a healing process. But when we exit as victims, unless we explore our role in the dynamics (the many ways and reasons we surrendered our power) we are doomed to repeat the patterns.

If we don’t heal from within, and change the ways we show up in relationships, we will either return to an unhealthy one or attract an equally or even more toxic and challenging one. The patterns often get worse…so please spare yourself the next round of the cycle.

Lasting healing and pattern shifting must be done at the level of the roots of our trauma, which are almost always found in our childhoods.

If you’re currently stuck in overwhelming emotional congestion, I encourage you to place your hands over your heart and take a few slow, deep breaths. There is something quite beautiful waiting for you on the other side of this traffic, and you’re going to get there.

Yes, even you, precious one. The very same sweet sensitivity that has made this relationship you’re struggling with so painful, and aspects of your life so challenging, is also one of your greatest superpowers. Learn how to activate it today!